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MoonGlo Work Lights Conversion Systems were created to solve the problem of lighting large outdoor areas safely and quickly while reducing or eliminating unsafe glare issues. MoonGlo offers various Balloon Work Light Conversion packages created specifically for the construction industry.  Our Balloon Light Conversions that are made to fit any manufacturers light tower system into a balloon work light system.  Wide variety of uses, portable, easy to set-up or break-down, and versatile to all job-site applications!

Contractor Specs

MoonGlo Balloon Light Towers meet DOT specifications for Flagger Station Lighting & Oregon Department of Transportation approval numbers ODOT #4212, ODOT #4213, ODOT #4585

Various Ways to Convert

Our interchangeable mounting system means versatility. Use any MoonGlo Work Light on a Balloon Light Tower, Tripod Mount, Machine Mount, Vehicle Towing Hitch or Spring Mount adapter.

Industrial Quality Lights

We manufacture, sell & service our glare-free balloon work light conversion packages direct to consumers. (Considered temporary lighting as they can be removed & reinstalled as needed.)

Qualified & Approved Balloon Work Lighting

MoonGlo Balloon Light Towers meet DOT specifications for Flagger Station Lighting and Oregon Department of Transportation approval numbers ODOT #4212, ODOT #4213, ODOT #4585.

We are the only ODOT / Qualified Products List approved provider for converting light towers for Flagger Station Lighting in Oregon.  Info that can be found on the ODOT APPROVED LIST for Flagger Stations and Balloon Light Tower Conversions.
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See Us in Action . . .

We are here to help! If you are unfamiliar with balloon lighting, please give us a call and allow us help you understand exactly what we do differently and why we do! Don’t be fooled into thinking all “balloon style lights” are the same; they are not. If safety is one of your objectives, then a little research is a must. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. When you contact us you will be speaking with someone with the working knowledge and experience to help you determine what fits best with your lighting needs.

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The MoonGlo Balloon Work Light Journey!

Developing a product like this has been an exciting, frustrating, and rewarding endeavor, but always a great adventure.  MoonGlo Balloon Work Light Conversions offer highly versatile, items of excellent quality, so we are very proud of what our products can do for you on your existing light tower!

"Love the MoonGlo Lights! One of the best purchases I think we have made. The amount of light these produce is great." 

Johnnie Z., Project Manager
Salinas Construction, Inc.

We are proud to make the most versatile balloon lighting conversion system ever!


MoonGlo customers get their answers right from the source. If you need some help just give us a call or email: MoonGloUSA@gmail.com

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